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“We are the decision-makers” Gathering in the Capital Aden 27/1/2013

Posted by FREE ADEN on January 27, 2013

Reconciliation and Tolerance Gathering in 13/1/2013.

Reconciliation and Tolerance Gathering in 13/1/2013

Since last night southern activists have marched from all South Arabia to the capital Aden in hundreds of thousands gathering in “Khormaksar” area. This march and gathering came to show the international community that South Arabian’s are the decision makers to determine what they look for. South Arabian call again in this gathering, and in all previous ones, their fair demand to have their country back which was occupied by Arab Republic of Yemen in 7/7/1994 under the religious excuse of what so called “unity”!

The strange thing is that NO media coverage of this gathering which consist of hundreds of thousands by regional and international media!! This proves the statement that all regional and international media correspondents are limited to Yemeni nationals and tied to top official in the Yemeni occupation system; in addition to that they are totally bias themselves. Many gatherings established by South Arabians, besides events took place in South Arabia are ignored by those correspondents not to mention the fabrication of those correspondents of news to harm the Peaceful Movement of South Arabia.

By: Free Aden.


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