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A Southern Journalist Killed by Yemeni Intelligence forces in Aden.

Posted by FREE ADEN on February 22, 2013


A special Yemeni intelligence forces stormed the house of the Southern journalist Mr. Wajdi Al Shabi around 3:00 am on 22/02/2013 and killed him in front of his family.

By: Free Aden.


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BBC English Site: Yemen forces fire on Aden demonstrators

Posted by FREE ADEN on February 22, 2013

Security forces in the Yemeni city of Aden have fired on protesters calling for southern independence, killing at least four and wounding many others.

The demonstrations in the southern port city came on the first anniversary of the uncontested election of President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi.

Supporters of the president are holding a rival protest in the city.

Amnesty International has urged the authorities to end what it calls the routine violent repression of protests.

“The Yemeni authorities must end the routine violent repression of freedom of assembly,” the human rights group said.

“The Southern Movement and its followers have a right to protest peacefully, and the Yemeni authorities must allow them this right.’

Dozens of protesters were wounded 10 days ago when rival rallies clashed and security forces opened fire.

City paralysed

In Thursday’s unrest, security officials said two policemen were wounded by snipers overlooking the main southern separatist protest, the AFP news agency reported.

Nearly 30 separatist protesters were wounded on Thursday in Aden.

The city was paralysed as security forces deployed heavily around to try to keep rival rallies apart, AFP reported.

Pro-government supporters, mostly form the Islamist al-Islah waved Yemeni flags and carried portraits of the president.

Separatist protesters chanted “Revolution in the south, occupiers go out.”

Calls from the south for independence are not new. South Yemen was a former British colony and later a socialist secular state and was not united with the North till 1990.

Many in the south feel they have been disenfranchised for decades.

After the pro-democracy uprising they have had more space to protest.

By: BBC English Site.

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BBC English World Service Radio: Security forces in Yemen have opened fire on protesters in the Southern port city of Aden, killing at least four people and wounding many others.

Posted by FREE ADEN on February 22, 2013



Demonstrators are calling for more autonomy for the South of the country on the one year anniversary of the uncontested election of President Mansur Hadi. Out of all the revolutions in the Arab world the UN Security Council regards Yemen as a rare success story.  The Gulf Cooperation Council negotiated for President Abdullah Saleh, who had ruled Yemen for thirty-three years, to step down from power.  Elections were held this time last year and President Mansur Hadi was voted in.  But some Yemenis, especially those in the south, feel as if little has changed and are critical that President Hadi was the sole candidate on the ballot.  Thousands of Southern Yemenis wanting more autonomy or independence from the North, have converged on Aden, in regular protests that have been growing since the revolution.  But rival unity protests are also being held today by supporters of the President.  They are being organised by a dominant party in the ruling coalition government, the Islamist Islah party.  Dozens were wounded ten days ago when the rival rallies clashed and security forces opened fire.   Amnesty International has urged the Yemeni authorities to end what it calls the routine violent repression of freedom of assembly.  Calls from the South for independence are not new.  South Yemen was a former British colony and later a socialist secular state and was not united with the North till 1990.  Many in the South feel they’ve been disenfranchised for decades and after the pro democracy uprising they’ve had more space to protest.  But with the recent killings and the arrest of two prominent leaders of the Southern Movement on Wednesday, some fear a return to repression.

By: BBC English World Service Radio

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Due to Security Council Resolution – killed, Injured and Arrested Activists in Aden Today

Posted by FREE ADEN on February 21, 2013



4 South Arabian protesters have been killed and more than 20 were injured in less than 2 hours by Yemeni security forces and armed personnel of Islah party, partner in the ruling in the Arab Republic of Yemen. This happened during a peaceful protest of Southern Arabians calling for liberation of South Arabia from the Yemeni occupation.  The Tribal State in Yemen got this courage by the recently announced Security Council Resolution which is perceived as a green light of knocking down any protest in South Arabia.

By: Free Aden

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Video of “We are the decision-makers” Gathering in the Capital Aden 27/1/2013

Posted by FREE ADEN on January 27, 2013

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Iraqi Official: Yemen harbors Ba’athists and al-Qaeda

Posted by FREE ADEN on September 11, 2009

MP Izzat Shabandar accuses the Yemeni Regime of harboring Ba'athists and al-Qaeda

MP Izzat Shabandar accuses the Yemeni Regime of harboring Ba’athists and al-Qaeda

A number of Iraqi lawmakers have rejected claims that Baghdad is supporting Yemeni rebels and in turn accused San’a of harboring Ba’athist and al-Qaeda leaders.

Responding to the recent accusations, several parliamentarians said the claims were an attempt to cover up Yemen’s role in hiding Ba’athist and al-Qaeda leaders and supporting their violent activities in Iraq, the local Awan daily reported.

“The claims that Yemen has fabricated are amusing because everyone knows that Iraq does not currently have the ability to support third-party opposition in some Arab country,” Independent MP Izzat Shabandar told the paper.

“Even if Yemen’s accusations about Baghdad’s support for the opposition were true, Yemen would measure far worse than Iraq on this scale, because it is still home to the Ba’athists, elements of the former regime, al Qaeda and other extremist groups,” he added.

Yemeni officials have been throwing around accusations at Iraq, Iran and several other regional countries, accusing them of aiding the Houthi rebels that are fighting back government troops in the north.


The Yemeni military launched an offensive against the Shia Zaidis in Sa’dah and Amran provinces three weeks ago, accusing the Zaidis of trying to restore a Zaidi imamate system, overthrown in a 1962 coup.

Zaidi Shias – also known as Houthis – say they are defending themselves against religious oppression and they have vowed to fight until their rights are achieved if the attacks continue.

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The Forgotten Activists in Mukalla- an Activist in Coma

Posted by FREE ADEN on August 21, 2009

Mr. Naser Mahfooz Baqzqooz

Mr. Naser Mahfooz Baqzqooz

On 14/8/2009 the Yemeni occupation forces have beaten detainees in the “Criminal Investigation” jail in Muhalla with electric stick and batons. They were beaten because they criticized their bad conditions and blockage of family visitors.


Aden Press mentioned that the conditions of the detainees are in a very critical situation after the incident, and the political activist Mr. Naser Mahfooz Baqzqooz, of Nahah movement, is in coma  after the heavy beaten and he was not sent to hospital. This may cause the death of Mr. Naser Mahfooz.


 Written by: Free Aden.

Source: Aden Press

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Update News of Zenjibar’s Massacre

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 23, 2009

1_926100_1_34Zenjiba- South Arabia – 9:00 pm – 23/7/2009

Till this moment telephone networks are still shut down, and some badly injured citizen of South Arabia were as hostages. An eye witness who managed to go out of Zenjibar, said to us that injured were left on the streets, as the occupation forces shot on whoever help them, for hours and some may have died because of that. The eye witness added that rocket launcher, tanks, and other non light weapons were used. He/she added the Mr. Al Fadli house was burning plus some armed vehicles were burning around his house by the time he/she was leaving out from Zenjibar which was evening time.


In addition, a hospital in the city of Aden have received some badly injured people, it has been said 6, of which are in critical conditions. On the other hand, a Press Release by the alliance of Marib and Al Jouf tribes has condemn the act of army and central security in the city of Zenjibar; and warns the regime of jeopardizing the life of Al Fadli.


By: Free Aden

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The Occupation Kills Three Yemeni’s in South Arabia.

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 11, 2009

By Free Aden’s Author – 11/7/2009

Three members of the same family were shot dead in an ambush in South Arabia by the intelligence forces of the Yemeni occupation. Those victims were from Yemen and that attack was to create a feeling of anger towards the South Arabians and their peaceful liberation movement.  

This brutal act was condemned by all South Arabians as it’s a barbaric act and as it has a clear intention to harm the South Arabian Peaceful Liberation Movement . The online edition of the regime’s defence ministry newspaper “26 September” reported on Saturday that the crime was carried out by “separatists”; that shows their clear intention to create a dispute between South Arabians and people from the middle governorate in the Arab Republic of Yemen.


Lately, the regime has been heavily recruiting poor people from the middle governorates, i.e. Ibb, Al Baidah and Taiz, to fight in both Saadah and in South Arabia. However, those attempts of recruiting were not successful and the regime is carrying different methods to wage war against South Arabians and surely uses its best method of creating conflicts to rule.


We in south Arabia call this act as an act of shame and an act of losers. We will always protest peacefully and we shall use force on armed forces and who ever uses force against us.

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Arrests of University Students in Aden

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 4, 2009

03/07/09 – Eyewitnesses said that they saw a group of armed forces on Friday evening raiding one of the apartments in Al-Mansoora – Aden that is inhabited by a university student. University students from Aden and from other southern governorates inhabit that area.
They arrested a number of men in that flat, who were mainly students, and who gathered together to study in preparation for their second semester exams.
Eyewitnesses said the armed forces, made up mainly of military personnel, surrounded the apartment and broke into it, and apprehended the young men after beating them and mistreating them.
Aden Press has a list of the names of the men, and it included several members of the Southern Youth Union, that included:
Arif Al-Nasry, Ghassan Aleeb, Mo’taz Al-Esa’i, Nayeb Fadhl Al-Esa’i, Ali Fadhl Al-Esa’i, Akram Al-Hanashi, Nabeel Al-Hanashi, Salem Al-Hanashi and Husam Ba’abbad.

Source: Aden Press
Translated by: Rasha Rashed

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