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In a Huge Gathering, Al Khabji says: NO Negotiation under Occupation and the Regime Wages a Psychological War

Posted by FREE ADEN on September 15, 2009

Dr. Naser Al Khabji

Dr. Naser Al Khabji

On the night of 13/9/2009, thousands of South Arabians gathered in Radfan from most South Arabia’s cities. This gathering was organized by the “Head of South Arabian Revolution” to show consideration with Al Ayam news paper and to free South Arabian peaceful movement’s detainees.


So many speakers and sheiks gave their speeches, including three well known social females, and all focused on the unity of South Arabians to get their freedom, freedom for Al Ayam newspaper, freedom of our prisoners.


The most important speaker of that night was Dr. Naser Al Khabji who focused on the unity of South Arabians too, and declined that some leaders like Al Atas or Ali Naser are negotiating with the occupation regime. He added that this news comes within the psychological war that the occupation regime is conducting, and he added that all of us agree on the condition of the freedom of South Arabia and NO negotiation under occupation.


By: Free Aden


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Demonstration in Mukalla, Hadramoot

Posted by FREE ADEN on September 14, 2009

a demonstration in HadramootOn the afternoon of 13/09/2009 a demonstration broke out in the city of Mukalla. South Arabians from the city of Mukalla went to the streets in the October area rejecting the existence of the occupation forces in South Arabia.  The occupation’s central forces hit back the demonstrators with open fire but, fortunately, no victims are witnessed.


Source: Aden Press & others

By: Free Aden

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Water Blockage Demonstrations in the Capital Aden

Posted by FREE ADEN on August 26, 2009

Many Demonstrations in South Arabia demanding liberation

Many Demonstrations in South Arabia demanding liberation

The Capital of South Arabia witnessed many demonstrations in the past 6 days due to the water cut off in all districts in Aden. This water cut off started weeks ago in some distracts in Aden starting with Sheik Othamn district and others which hold many activists from the South Arabian Peaceful Movement.


The “Central Security” forces fired tear gas on protesters and used batons to disperse the angry protesters. Some of the protesters were hit and injured badly and a youngster called “Hamdan Murmish” was killed in these demonstrations on 23/8/2009.


The occupation authority said that some bombed the water pipe just to pass over their negligence to other people as they always do. However, some source in Aden said that the water infrastructure in Aden is too old and not capable of serving the local community.


By: Free Aden

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We will Always Demonstrate till our Liberation

Posted by FREE ADEN on August 21, 2009


Demonstration in Yafia'

On the 18/8/2009 many demonstrations went out in Dalia’, Habeelain, and Tor Al-Baha. In Dalia’ thousands went out in a demonstration that crossed the streets of the city with the flag of South Arabia and the pictures of the president Ali Salem Al Beid.


The protesters asked for freeing our prisoners and freedom for “Alayam” news paper. This demonstration witnessed all the members of the South Arabian Peaceful Movement in the governorate such as Yahya Galib Al Shoa’ibi  and Shala Ali Shaia’ the head of the “Council of the head of Revolution” in Dalia’ and Dr. Abdo Al Ma’atari and others.


In Habeelain thousands as well went out as a response to the call of the “Council of the head of Revolution” in Radfan to release all South Arabian hostages and to show empathy to “Al Ayam” news paper. Some speeches were given such as the leader in the Peaceful Movement  Dr. Naser Al Kahbji, as well as the political female activist Mrs. Kahrab Hessian Othman


All spoke persons emphasized on the unity of South Arabians till the freedom of South Arabia, and other solutions that can not solve the total freedom of our land such as federalism are totally rejected.


In Tor Al Baha, hundreds went out for the same reason after the “Council of the head of Revolution” organized and called for this gathering.  These demonstrations come within the almost daily demonstrations that break out all over South Arabia which call for an end of the occupation of the Arab Republic of Yemen.


Written by: Free Aden.

Source: Aden Press

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Al Marashiqah and Al Mahatheeth Tribesmen Confirm Loyalty to Sheik T. Al Fadli

Posted by FREE ADEN on August 20, 2009

Sheik T. Al Fadli

Sheik T. Al Fadli

On 14/8/2009 a gathering of Al Mahatheeth tribesmen was organized to show loyalty to Sheik Al Fadli and reject all sort of allegations and accusations that try to target Sheik Al Fadli as their press released mentioned. In addition, they condemn the cowardly acts of the Yemen occupation regime of bringing a man who doesn’t represent any tribe from Abyan to take off the leadership of Al Fadli. Their press release also added “its an act of jeopardizing the social and traditional structure and the identity in Abyan”. That was in a big gathering in the Wadeea’ district.



On 17/8/2009 some of the tribesmen of Al Marashiqah came to Sheik Al Fadli house to show cooperation and loyalty to Sheik Al Fadli. That was on Monday afternoon when thousands of the tribesmen, along with sheiks, came to the house of al Fadli in a traditional way of promoting a new Sheik, to confirm loyalty to sheik T. Al fadli. They came with traditional songs and poems which are used to be said during visiting a new pointed Shiek of Al Fadli’s trip.


Its worth to mention that some Shiek of the other tribes came such as Sheik Abedallah Masood Al Hoter, Sheik Salem Naser Al Dabas and many other sheiks of Marashqah.


The regime of the occupation has put some fake news that Al Fadli has left South Arabia to UAE, some times to Egypt and some times to UK. Those allegations just to show the chaos the regime have in dealing with issues. In addition, the regime has appointed a new Sheik of Al Fadli who was rejected by all tribes in Abayn.


By: Free Aden

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Water and Electricity Demonstration in Zenjibar

Posted by FREE ADEN on August 14, 2009

Many Demonstrations in South Arabia demanding liberation

Many Demonstrations in South Arabia demanding liberation

A demonstration broke out in the city of Zenjibar this morning because of cut off of water and electricity in the city since the demonstration on 23/7/2009 which the occupation forces carried out a massacre.

This act of the occupation forces comes as a punishment of the people Zenjibar of their participation in the demonstration of the 23th of July 2009. The Yemeni occupation wont hesitate in using any way to humiliate South Arabians and their life but cutting off water and electricity during the summer time which has high temperature that cause the death of elderly people. Poor locals from Zenjibar can not afforded buying water containers and electricity generators to easy their life.

We urge regional and international organizations to stop the suffering of the people of Zinjibar by forcing the Yemeni occupation regime to bring back water and electricity to the city of Zinjibar.

By: Free Aden

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President Al Baid Condemns the Sixth War on Saadah

Posted by FREE ADEN on August 14, 2009

President Ali Salem Al Baid

President Ali Salem Al Baid

President Ali Salem Al Baid, President of Democratic Republic of Yemen, has issued a press release on about the sixth war on Saadah. The president says in the press release that “the regime of Sana’a doesn’t respect the timing of Ramadan according to the ceasefire aggreamnet which was signed few days ago”. He added “that is the way the regime always deal with treaties by breaking them”.  The president also urged the international and regional communities to stop the criminal war on innocents in Saadah as the killing of protesters in South Arabia.


By: Free Aden.  

Source: different sources.

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Bakazim Tribesmen Join Al Fadli

Posted by FREE ADEN on August 13, 2009

Sheik Al Fadli Puts Up President Al Baid Picture.

Another tribesmen from Shabwa governorate joined Sheik Tariq Al Fadhli and to be in his personal guard to protect him and fight for the South Arabian case. This voluntary act of Bakazim tribesmen shows the respect Sheik Al Fadli has within the South Arabian population general and within tribesmen of Bakazim after his decision of joining the Peaceful Movement to fulfill the needs and rights of his own people in South Arabia which has got a great response locally, regionally and internationally.


Translated By: Free Aden.

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A festival in Shabwa for Continuing the Peaceful Movement

Posted by FREE ADEN on August 13, 2009

Wednesday, 12/8/2009.

Governorate of Shabwa has witnessed a great gathering of the peaceful movement in South Arabia. Mr. Naser Al Nobah gave a speech which emphasized on the continuing of the Peaceful liberation movement till the freedom of South Arabia.


Many other members of the Peaceful movement joined this gathering such as the female activist in human rights and politics Mrs. Zahra Saleh. She gave a speech to the crowd “you are such an exploded volcano; if you come to Aden, South Arabia will be free in one day” she said.


The gathering was composed of some poetry and sport activities such football to honor the victims of the peaceful demonstrations.


By: Free Aden

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News from South Arabia

Posted by FREE ADEN on August 11, 2009




South Arabia's Flag

South Arabia's Flag



On 9/8/2009 

4 South Arabian were kidnapped while they were hiding from Aden (the Capital of South Arabia) to Abyan (the capital of Liberation) and were guided to unknown place as their family don’t know anything about them. (www.Aden


On 10/8/2009 

23 South Arabian were arrested in Mukalla (the capital of Freedom) before going to Abyan to participate in the Zenjibar Massacre funeral.


On 10/8/2009 

Tens of thousands from all over South Arabia gathered in Abyan (the capital of Liberation) for the funeral of the victims of Zenjibar’s Massacre as the Council of Peaceful Revolution called for it.


On 11/8/2009 

The Unity Committee, known as Janjaweed of Yemen, of the city of Dali’a (the capital of Revolution) stopped a Malaria campaign, funded by the World Bank, to prevent it on proceeding on its social work. Because the Unity Committee of the Yemeni occupation always prevent any support for South Arabians calling for liberation.


On 11/8/2009

The Republican Guard of the occupation forces has new moves and arrangements in Dali’a which is included in the new strategy that the Yemeni occupation uses in Dali’a.


By: Free Aden

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