Free Aden

Towards The Liberation of South Arabia


South Arabia FlagA unification treaty between South Arabia and Arab Republic of Yemen was signed, but Yemeni regime did not fulfill the treaty since day one and South Arabians ask to withdraw from it which resulted into a war then occupation of South Arabia in 1994.

So we intend to deliver the truth, with our limited resources, of the people of South Arabia from Aden to Mahara  that it is occupied by the Yemeni forces since 1994. We use the name “Free Aden” because Aden was the capital of the South Arabian state; hence it represents the people of South Arabia state from Aden to Al Mahara.

Free Aden.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. rico said

    Salaam al kom my brothers of South Arabia

    I just want to say our brothers are doing a great job fighting for the country. I have studied government history and political science and I want to say the only way to achieve independent is by peaceful protest and a strong well government called United South Arabia I say this because we cant have the name Yemen in our country because we are not Yemenis.

    Based on my knowledge countries are scared to support us because we are fighting for the socialist party to rule again. That’s what the president tells other countries and the people of the north.

    First is communication from all southern organizations to be united under the name Federation of South Arabia National Supreme Council of Peaceful Southern Mobilization Movement

    Second is the president (south Yemen) to call all the south people in the north in the government service from all branches to return home because change has come to call restoration of the state.

    third is to get support from other countries, UN and Human Rights organizations is to form a constitution
    By the people for the people that will take effect in the name united south Arabia.

    Forth is to keep protesting.

    Fifth is to keep the media active on what is going on.

    Six is collect money from all over to help get our country back.

  2. Aden Rocket said

    Dear friend RICO.

    If you are not from South Arabia then I think that you should study some thing about it and then come with your comments. I am not asking of you not to enter fear in some thing that you have no knowledge of neither to enter fear in my country affairs.
    It is right as you stated down that the Northern world are told by the Yemenis that they are fighting to keep the old Socialist away from the M/ East and specially from South Arabia, But I do not think that the Europeans are stupid to fall for Saleh´s proclamations to the world.

    The UN have to force Saleh out of Power and let the south get rid of the so called unity in which I can tell the world that during my last visit to my own country I dint really meat any of the country own people I mean the real South Arabians holding any posts that can be proud off, they were doing the job under the command of a Yemeni I would call analphabetic person who is watching them like BIG BROTHER over their heads, and what more, which I think it is the worst scenery in my entire life, the corruption that is going on, just thinking in getting an ID card I had to pay a fortune for it , I could do that and it took me almost a forth night because of all that cash I paid . I thought what will a poor South Arabian would do ??

    Just some thing for you and the whole world to know about that is why I am answering you in here.

    My hope is that some one out there will read and do some thing to help the poor South Arabians.

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