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Due to Security Council Resolution – killed, Injured and Arrested Activists in Aden Today

Posted by FREE ADEN on February 21, 2013



4 South Arabian protesters have been killed and more than 20 were injured in less than 2 hours by Yemeni security forces and armed personnel of Islah party, partner in the ruling in the Arab Republic of Yemen. This happened during a peaceful protest of Southern Arabians calling for liberation of South Arabia from the Yemeni occupation.  The Tribal State in Yemen got this courage by the recently announced Security Council Resolution which is perceived as a green light of knocking down any protest in South Arabia.

By: Free Aden


One Response to “Due to Security Council Resolution – killed, Injured and Arrested Activists in Aden Today”

  1. Ba Aden said

    The poor south Arabian were miss used all the time by the rulers of the country, first by the communists then after Unity by the Masters from the North Yemeni regime and now by the new Family who was put to control ruling YAR. The USA regime believe in the songs of the rulers that Al Qaida is in the South while those rebels has nothing to do with the Al Qaida, but the USA keep on bombing innocent South Arabian because of what they got to know of the rulers that it is the Al Qaida people who are living in those areas… Funny that the USA intelligent are not really intelligent and see the game which is used by the rulers down there…. I wonder how long that they will keep on bombing those innocent women and children down there. or may be The USA have lost the word Mercy ???

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