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Air raid on refugees kills 87 in Saadah (Saadah Massacre)

Posted by FREE ADEN on September 17, 2009

A kid victim of “Soq Taleh” Massacre on 14/9/2009

A kid victim of “Soq Taleh” Massacre on 14/9/2009

More than 80 refugees were killed in a government raid against a camp in north Yemen where Shi’ite rebels are challenging President Ali Abdullah Saleh, a camp source and news reports said on Thursday.

A refugee at the at Adi at Wadi Sufyan, at the centre of fighting which erupted in early August, said about 87 people died in the raid on Wednesday afternoon.

The source, who did not want to reveal his name, said the bodies were buried on Thursday, including 45 women and 16 children.

“The camp was taken by surprise by the air force bombing them,” he said. “When one plane starting firing some people ran towards the water canal, but they were killed when the plane fired at them again.”

The independent website News Yemen said 85 people died.

“An air raid hit them in the area when they were sleeping under trees and plastic awnings,” it said, citing witnesses.

It said the air force then staged a second raid on the camp.

The rebels, who also posted images of dead and wounded from a previous alleged air raid in al-Talh on Monday, accused the government on their website of committing brutal crimes.

The International Committee of the Red Cross said the situation was growing more “precarious by the day”.

“The tragic loss of civilian lives in Wadi Sufyan, where more than 80 civilians were reportedly killed, demonstrates that thousands of people are seriously endangered by fighting in remote areas,” Martin Amacher, the acting head of the ICRC delegation in Yemen, said in a statement.



The Yemen Centre for Human Rights, a non-governmental organisation, said it had evidence that planes had targeted a crowded market area in al-Talh, causing dozens of casualties.

“The Centre calls on the Yemeni government, as the party responsible for protecting lives, to order an end to targeting civilians,” a statement said, asking for humanitarian corridors so people and aid could move in safety.

An official statement said Saleh had ordered an investigation into Wednesday’s camp attack. The government has not commented on the reports of deaths on Monday in al-Talh.

Source: (Reuters)


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