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In a Huge Gathering, Al Khabji says: NO Negotiation under Occupation and the Regime Wages a Psychological War

Posted by FREE ADEN on September 15, 2009

Dr. Naser Al Khabji

Dr. Naser Al Khabji

On the night of 13/9/2009, thousands of South Arabians gathered in Radfan from most South Arabia’s cities. This gathering was organized by the “Head of South Arabian Revolution” to show consideration with Al Ayam news paper and to free South Arabian peaceful movement’s detainees.


So many speakers and sheiks gave their speeches, including three well known social females, and all focused on the unity of South Arabians to get their freedom, freedom for Al Ayam newspaper, freedom of our prisoners.


The most important speaker of that night was Dr. Naser Al Khabji who focused on the unity of South Arabians too, and declined that some leaders like Al Atas or Ali Naser are negotiating with the occupation regime. He added that this news comes within the psychological war that the occupation regime is conducting, and he added that all of us agree on the condition of the freedom of South Arabia and NO negotiation under occupation.


By: Free Aden


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