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Torturing Increased of South Arabian’s Political Prisoners

Posted by FREE ADEN on September 11, 2009

Mr. Naser Mahfooz Baqzqooz

Mr. Naser Mahfooz Baqzqooz

Some South Arabian news agencies have mentioned incessantly that occupation forces of the Arab Republic of Yemen are torturing south Arabian detainees who are arrested while demonstrating against the Yemeni occupation. The torturing have been reported many times in the government of Hadramoot with a supervision of highly ranked security officials from Sana’a, especially Central Security and Political Security.

Most of the torturing has been carried out for prisoners in Mukalla at the central jail, then captives sent to separate cells and can not meet anyone. A family of one of the detainee, of Mr. Naser Mahfooz Baqzqooz,  was able to meet with him and witnessed his body full of torturing marks.

We at Free Aden call all local, regional and international human rights and humanitarian organizations to interfere into this matter and release the prisoners who are being kept for months without any clear charges or fair prosecutions.

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Written By: Free Aden


3 Responses to “Torturing Increased of South Arabian’s Political Prisoners”

  1. Kate McConaughy said

    May we get a petition on this please. International pressure can make a difference.

  2. Abeer said

    How can I help

    • FREE ADEN said

      Thanks for your comments. You can help by raising the voice of South Arabia and its struggle against the Yemeni occupation.
      Best Regards,
      Free Aden Blog.

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