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Iraqi Official: Yemen harbors Ba’athists and al-Qaeda

Posted by FREE ADEN on September 11, 2009

MP Izzat Shabandar accuses the Yemeni Regime of harboring Ba'athists and al-Qaeda

MP Izzat Shabandar accuses the Yemeni Regime of harboring Ba’athists and al-Qaeda

A number of Iraqi lawmakers have rejected claims that Baghdad is supporting Yemeni rebels and in turn accused San’a of harboring Ba’athist and al-Qaeda leaders.

Responding to the recent accusations, several parliamentarians said the claims were an attempt to cover up Yemen’s role in hiding Ba’athist and al-Qaeda leaders and supporting their violent activities in Iraq, the local Awan daily reported.

“The claims that Yemen has fabricated are amusing because everyone knows that Iraq does not currently have the ability to support third-party opposition in some Arab country,” Independent MP Izzat Shabandar told the paper.

“Even if Yemen’s accusations about Baghdad’s support for the opposition were true, Yemen would measure far worse than Iraq on this scale, because it is still home to the Ba’athists, elements of the former regime, al Qaeda and other extremist groups,” he added.

Yemeni officials have been throwing around accusations at Iraq, Iran and several other regional countries, accusing them of aiding the Houthi rebels that are fighting back government troops in the north.


The Yemeni military launched an offensive against the Shia Zaidis in Sa’dah and Amran provinces three weeks ago, accusing the Zaidis of trying to restore a Zaidi imamate system, overthrown in a 1962 coup.

Zaidi Shias – also known as Houthis – say they are defending themselves against religious oppression and they have vowed to fight until their rights are achieved if the attacks continue.


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