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Banned Bombs Used by Yemeni Army on Saada.

Posted by FREE ADEN on September 11, 2009

This clip proves that the Yemeni army is using an internationally banned bombs, and this kind of bombs is part of the other ones the Arab Republic of Yemen’s army is using the current war on Saada.

By: Free Aden


2 Responses to “Banned Bombs Used by Yemeni Army on Saada.”

  1. Aden Rocket said

    Dear All.

    I am an Adeni born man, left my loving country Aden in 1966, living now in Europe. Following the incidence that happened in my good old country South Arabia is some thing that kills my inners, I am watching a whole nation being humiliated by a punch of terrorists backed op by the USA.
    The Yemeni regime are killing and murdering innocent people in the name of war against terror and looking at the problem from my side, I can only see that the problem that the western call Terrorist in based in Yemen is a song that is made by the Yemeni president Ali A. Saleh who has been ruling for the last 30 years and doesn’t want to leave power to a decent educated people who can rule the country in a more fair and decent way. South Arabia was much better off when the british were there, they left the country to a Marxist rebellions under the name of NLF, who ruled the country in a Russian communistic way where they in reality destroyed every thing like the culture and the infra structure of the country. Soon that after the communist fall and the Unity of Germany took place the communist party saw that their end is very near, they started proposing to the north in a great hope that they will keep their chairs worm and were not a ware of the North Yemeni Dangerous tactics, soon another war took place, that is the 1994 war where the some of the old communist helped the Northern to enter the and capture the South, The southern got occupied by the savages from the north and those who helped the northern now woke op and saw the great fault they have done, they had to leave the country with all the wealth that they have saved to them selves and now trying to go back to the South and rule again.
    I think that Aden have to get loss from the so called unity and the people of the South should organize them selves and rule their own country by some chosen well educated people who really are fit for the job and not to be handed over back to the old rulers who were member of the old communist flock

    • Ba Aden said

      Thinking of what the write wrote in here, I think that he is very right in telling his version of the truth that happened in South Arabia. The real South Arabian have left and found another places around the world to live in peace because of what they could see of treats that will hit the country. We all know that Northern Yemenis are savages and thieves as well, They are just like the old dictator President Salah and that’s why they have kept him in power until they got them selves some education and found that Saleh was also a big thief and a singer that really gave the world some good songs regarding the war against Terror, He sang the Melody that the white man wants in Fight against terror and they loved it. Now the new so called president is just another family ruler that was put in power by the USA and he too is now fighting what he calls al Qaida. Wonder if the Qaida still exist, but I am so sure it does in the eyes of the out side world and that is why the world is looking a way from what’s going on in the South Arabia at the moment of killing and making the life of thousands of innocent people in a complete disaster, that people over there can not get their living needed thing to exist. So white man wake op and look into reality, South Arabia belongs to the South Arabians and not a part of Yemen.

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