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We will Always Demonstrate till our Liberation

Posted by FREE ADEN on August 21, 2009


Demonstration in Yafia'

On the 18/8/2009 many demonstrations went out in Dalia’, Habeelain, and Tor Al-Baha. In Dalia’ thousands went out in a demonstration that crossed the streets of the city with the flag of South Arabia and the pictures of the president Ali Salem Al Beid.


The protesters asked for freeing our prisoners and freedom for “Alayam” news paper. This demonstration witnessed all the members of the South Arabian Peaceful Movement in the governorate such as Yahya Galib Al Shoa’ibi  and Shala Ali Shaia’ the head of the “Council of the head of Revolution” in Dalia’ and Dr. Abdo Al Ma’atari and others.


In Habeelain thousands as well went out as a response to the call of the “Council of the head of Revolution” in Radfan to release all South Arabian hostages and to show empathy to “Al Ayam” news paper. Some speeches were given such as the leader in the Peaceful Movement  Dr. Naser Al Kahbji, as well as the political female activist Mrs. Kahrab Hessian Othman


All spoke persons emphasized on the unity of South Arabians till the freedom of South Arabia, and other solutions that can not solve the total freedom of our land such as federalism are totally rejected.


In Tor Al Baha, hundreds went out for the same reason after the “Council of the head of Revolution” organized and called for this gathering.  These demonstrations come within the almost daily demonstrations that break out all over South Arabia which call for an end of the occupation of the Arab Republic of Yemen.


Written by: Free Aden.

Source: Aden Press


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