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The Forgotten Activists in Mukalla- an Activist in Coma

Posted by FREE ADEN on August 21, 2009

Mr. Naser Mahfooz Baqzqooz

Mr. Naser Mahfooz Baqzqooz

On 14/8/2009 the Yemeni occupation forces have beaten detainees in the “Criminal Investigation” jail in Muhalla with electric stick and batons. They were beaten because they criticized their bad conditions and blockage of family visitors.


Aden Press mentioned that the conditions of the detainees are in a very critical situation after the incident, and the political activist Mr. Naser Mahfooz Baqzqooz, of Nahah movement, is in coma  after the heavy beaten and he was not sent to hospital. This may cause the death of Mr. Naser Mahfooz.


 Written by: Free Aden.

Source: Aden Press


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