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Robbing the Arab Bank in the capital Aden

Posted by FREE ADEN on August 20, 2009

Arab Bank Logo

On the 17/8/2009 a group of heavy armed skinny men robbed 500,000 USD from an armored car of the Arab Bank during the day in front of Mercure hotel in the capital Aden. This daylight robbery was done next to a well controlled area of the Yemeni occupation with high presence of its Central Security forces. The forces of the Central Security did not react to the accident which brings up a strong question and hints that the occupation regime has planned for this case.


The occupied capital, Aden, did not notice any security movement after the incident broke out until late evening.  This also explains the execution of some of the occupation regime in Aden of this crime. In addition, the Arab Bank’s car was found in Khor Makser district, which is full of activists of the South Arabian Peaceful Movement, to accuse the South Arabian activists of doing such a crime.


Later on, some of the occupation spoke person said this robbery was carried out by “Al Qaidah” members to fund their operations, and that merely and strictly to show and link the South Arabian Peaceful Movement to “Al Qaidah” as the regime of Sana’a always use such allegations with all of its opponents.


Some local sources mentioned that the “Militarist Intelligence” took the lead in the investigation and banded and blocked all South Arabians who work in the “Militarist Intelligence” and “Central Security” as a South Arabia agent works in the “Militarist Intelligence” told Aden Press, the Arabic South Arabian online newspaper.

Reported by: Mohammed Al Sa’adi

Written by: Free Aden


One Response to “Robbing the Arab Bank in the capital Aden”

  1. Aden Rocket said

    What a foolish act… wonder who will believe in this story that Saleh is telling the nation…. Is this one of his uneducated jokes ????

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