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Al Marashiqah and Al Mahatheeth Tribesmen Confirm Loyalty to Sheik T. Al Fadli

Posted by FREE ADEN on August 20, 2009

Sheik T. Al Fadli

Sheik T. Al Fadli

On 14/8/2009 a gathering of Al Mahatheeth tribesmen was organized to show loyalty to Sheik Al Fadli and reject all sort of allegations and accusations that try to target Sheik Al Fadli as their press released mentioned. In addition, they condemn the cowardly acts of the Yemen occupation regime of bringing a man who doesn’t represent any tribe from Abyan to take off the leadership of Al Fadli. Their press release also added “its an act of jeopardizing the social and traditional structure and the identity in Abyan”. That was in a big gathering in the Wadeea’ district.



On 17/8/2009 some of the tribesmen of Al Marashiqah came to Sheik Al Fadli house to show cooperation and loyalty to Sheik Al Fadli. That was on Monday afternoon when thousands of the tribesmen, along with sheiks, came to the house of al Fadli in a traditional way of promoting a new Sheik, to confirm loyalty to sheik T. Al fadli. They came with traditional songs and poems which are used to be said during visiting a new pointed Shiek of Al Fadli’s trip.


Its worth to mention that some Shiek of the other tribes came such as Sheik Abedallah Masood Al Hoter, Sheik Salem Naser Al Dabas and many other sheiks of Marashqah.


The regime of the occupation has put some fake news that Al Fadli has left South Arabia to UAE, some times to Egypt and some times to UK. Those allegations just to show the chaos the regime have in dealing with issues. In addition, the regime has appointed a new Sheik of Al Fadli who was rejected by all tribes in Abayn.


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