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Water and Electricity Demonstration in Zenjibar

Posted by FREE ADEN on August 14, 2009

Many Demonstrations in South Arabia demanding liberation

Many Demonstrations in South Arabia demanding liberation

A demonstration broke out in the city of Zenjibar this morning because of cut off of water and electricity in the city since the demonstration on 23/7/2009 which the occupation forces carried out a massacre.

This act of the occupation forces comes as a punishment of the people Zenjibar of their participation in the demonstration of the 23th of July 2009. The Yemeni occupation wont hesitate in using any way to humiliate South Arabians and their life but cutting off water and electricity during the summer time which has high temperature that cause the death of elderly people. Poor locals from Zenjibar can not afforded buying water containers and electricity generators to easy their life.

We urge regional and international organizations to stop the suffering of the people of Zinjibar by forcing the Yemeni occupation regime to bring back water and electricity to the city of Zinjibar.

By: Free Aden


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