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Information on the kidnapped foreigners in Saadah

Posted by FREE ADEN on August 14, 2009

Taken from video issued by Hothies leader Abdel Malik al-Howthi Media office.

Taken from video issued by Hothies leader Abdel Malik al-Howthi Media office.

The regime of The Arab Republic of Yemen always takes advantage of crisis’s that this regime created some time ago. A good example of this saying is shown in one of the conditions for ceasefire in the war in Saadah in Yemen, although Hothies are advancing and capturing more territories and many Yemeni soldiers are surrendered.


This condition was to “give information on the fate of the kidnapped foreigners” just to put it as a fact that Hothies are the ones who kidnapped the foreigners, and to picture Hothies as terrorists. All of this just to bring international alliance, or maybe a financial aid, on the war on Saadah although the Yemeni army is losing in great deal there.


The Hothies leader, Abdel Malik al-Hawthi, did give some names of the kidnappers just few days after the incident of the kidnapped foreigners but the Yemeni regime mess leaded the news. We might see in the upcoming days news of finding the dead bodies of the kidnapped foreigners in a territory used to be under the control of Hothies that was seized by the Yemeni Army in this recent war. That is a typical Yemeni way to convert the opposition into terrorists!!


A similar thing to this was when the Peaceful Movement in South Arabia broke strongly in April, the regime of occupation asked its strong man in Al Qaidah, Al Waheshi, -who was an Ex-Political Security general- to announce the support of Al Qaidah to South Arabian Movement just to link it to Al Qaidah and show they have ties and defiantly they are terrorists; and kill the dream of South Arabians of having their own state.


By: Free Aden.


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