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News of the Sixth War on Saadah, and Phosphorus Bombs

Posted by FREE ADEN on August 13, 2009

Some of the mark killed civilians by air strike on 12/8/2009

Some of the market killed civilians by air strike on 12/8/2009

It was only announced two days ago that the sixth war on Saadah started, although the war started a month ago but without a heavy air strikes as the past two days. The numbers of dead people of the civilians in the past two days jumped highly after targeting a market in Saadah and other civilians targets, while the number of Hothi fighters and soldiers of the Arab Republic of Yemen’s army remain unknown. However, according to some local and international sources the number of dead civilians, hothi fighters and Yemeni army soldiers in the past three days are above 100. This number shows the escalation of the sixth war as the Yemeni regime falsely accused the Hothies of causing this war, as it always says!!


We all have witnessed in the past month how things were going in Saadah. The regime used Salafies and tribesmen to fight Hothies by establishing new military check points that which is against the treaty of seize fire which was signed last year. In addition, the military heavy artilleries kept hitting some villages in Saddah in the past month preparing for this late heavy assault.


A Spoke man of Hothies said to Al Jazeera news Channel, that they witnessed strange ammunitions that have a reddish fire when they explode and a very strong whitish smoke mainly hit by air strikes which is unusual comparing to the other ones. This can be an evidence of the usage of phosphorus bombs.

By: Free Aden


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