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Demonstrators Beaten till bleed in Mukalla Central Jail

Posted by FREE ADEN on August 13, 2009

Wednesday, 12/8/2009.

The occupation forces have thrown tear gas on the prisoners of the central jail in Mukallah after a demonstration broke out in the jail calling for liberation of South Arabia. The central forces of the Yemeni occupation targeted more than six persons who lead the demonstration in the jail, including a son of Baom, and beaten them badly till some of them bleed. Some of the targeted persons are in critical situation and need immediate response to be moved into a hospital for medication.


We urge all human rights organizations to interfere in this horrible situation of our prisoners and pressure the Yemeni occupation forces to free them as soon as possible.


By: Free Aden


One Response to “Demonstrators Beaten till bleed in Mukalla Central Jail”

  1. sue said

    sanaa is evil and south should not be part of north thats for sure

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