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Posted by FREE ADEN on August 11, 2009




South Arabia's Flag

South Arabia's Flag



On 9/8/2009 

4 South Arabian were kidnapped while they were hiding from Aden (the Capital of South Arabia) to Abyan (the capital of Liberation) and were guided to unknown place as their family don’t know anything about them. (www.Aden


On 10/8/2009 

23 South Arabian were arrested in Mukalla (the capital of Freedom) before going to Abyan to participate in the Zenjibar Massacre funeral.


On 10/8/2009 

Tens of thousands from all over South Arabia gathered in Abyan (the capital of Liberation) for the funeral of the victims of Zenjibar’s Massacre as the Council of Peaceful Revolution called for it.


On 11/8/2009 

The Unity Committee, known as Janjaweed of Yemen, of the city of Dali’a (the capital of Revolution) stopped a Malaria campaign, funded by the World Bank, to prevent it on proceeding on its social work. Because the Unity Committee of the Yemeni occupation always prevent any support for South Arabians calling for liberation.


On 11/8/2009

The Republican Guard of the occupation forces has new moves and arrangements in Dali’a which is included in the new strategy that the Yemeni occupation uses in Dali’a.


By: Free Aden


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