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Demonstration to condemn Saddam Occupation of Kuwait

Posted by FREE ADEN on August 2, 2009

flag of kuwaitAt least 4 were injured and more than 15 arrested in Al Hotah district at Lahij governorate. Some of the arrested were transferred out of Al Hotah district as some South Arabia news paper mentioned. The protesters were faced with gun fires and tear gases which caused at least 4 injured protesters some of them are in critical situation.

Some protesters went out in other governorates of South Arabia such as Radfan whom condemned the occupation of Kuwait in 1990 as well. They also called for the freedom of the South Arabians hostages, and called for the support of Sheik Al Fadli as they called to respect all South Arabian leaders. This evening it is excepted to have a demonstration in Mukalla at al Dees district.

These demonstrations of today are meant to show empathy to the Kuwaiti people and government that South Arabians and South Arabia government were against the occupation of Kuwait on the 2/8/1990 while the regime of the Yemeni occupation and the Yemeni people were with Saddam, and called Kuwait the 19th governorate of the Iraqi state. That resulted into a clear support from the dictator of Iraq Saddam Hussein, at that time, to the dictator of Arab Republic of Yemen by giving weapons and air fighters Iraqi pilots who destroyed Aden so badly during the last month of the 1994 war on South Arabia.

By: Free Aden.


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