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Mukalla and Undeclared Events!!

Posted by FREE ADEN on August 1, 2009

Demonstrations in Hadramoot27/7/2009 Mukalla.

The media of the occupation doesn’t mention anything of what happens in Mukalla, as usual, just to make it as governorate that does not belong to the South Arabia Movement. Well, it has been some arrests of south Arabians who were in demonstrations or in gatherings in restaurants and in all forms of peaceful resistance. On 27th of July the occupation forces arrested 6 men and 1 kid, Adham Abdalla Ba Dewais, in Mukallah and they join the thousands who are arrested since months in Mukalla, of which sent to Sana’a!!

 After the arrest campaign on 27th of July, the city of Mukalla seemed as a ghost city at that evening. A massive security appearance was the prominent landmark of Mukalla on the next day, 28th of July. This situation seems to be a regular condition of every Thursday’s and Friday’s in Mukalla with numbers of arrested south Arabians of which are sent to Sana’a!!

By: Free Aden.


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