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Al Fadli: I Swear We are United and For One Goal

Posted by FREE ADEN on August 1, 2009

Sheik Al Fadli Puts Up President Al Baid Picture. The weekly news paper Al Qadiya has conducted an interview with Sheik Tariq al Fadli on its last edition. The headline of that interview was that South Arabians with all its groups in the Peaceful Movement are united and for the sake of one goal. The news paper claims:  Al Fadli said “ I Swear we are united and for the sake of one goal”. He adds that the occupation send out many rumors stating that all South Arabia Movement groups are in conflicts


In that interview al Fadli mentioned the reason why he joined the peaceful movement and why he left the occupation regime. He gave some incidents of the corruption of the regime as well. He adds, that the peaceful movement won’t be peaceful for so long as many tribesmen urge him to switch into the military action, as the news paper claims.


He also sent a call to the remaining of south Arabians who are still working with the occupation regime to quit the occupation and join the South Arabian Movement.


He mentioned a preparation of some demonstrations such as the 2nd of August, which tomorrow, to condemn the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait in 1990. And other demonstrations on September and October as well.


By: Free Aden.


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