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The Mareb Liberation Movement

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 31, 2009

Yemeni PresidentThe occupation regime and its media seems not to know anything of the killing of four Yemeni’s soldiers few days ago. At  the first of their killing, they accused the South Arabian peaceful movement of their killing; then they said they fled to Mareb!! Why would a South Arabian flee to Mareb!


Yesterday the occupation regime faces some tribesmen in Mareb, who called them “terrorists”!! It seems whoever will oppose the regime of Sana’a in Mareb, since now, will be part of Al Qaida. But it seems that Mareb has its own upcoming liberation movement and the regime puts it in the circle of  fighting terrorism; and some Yemeni solders are killed yesterday in clashes with some Mareb tribesmen.


As usual the regime best game of dealing with problems and issues in Yemen or South Arabia is by creating lies and accusing its opponents of being Al Qaida member; and that is for propaganda and foreign financial aid. But how would that happen and the regime has a close ties with Al Qaida and they are carrying out a war, Al Qaida, with the regime in north Yemen against Hothism!! The regime still think that they deal with some villagers who would believe them with whatever they say; and it is the crazy temper the regime is living with in the past 6 months of losing power in South Arabia.


We are witnessing the diminishing of the regime of Sana’a as a weak regime which only uses lies in media and excusive power with protesters, and establish ties with terror groups to protect the reaming of its controlled areas.


By: Free Aden.


One Response to “The Mareb Liberation Movement”

  1. Romeo said

    is there a liberation movement in Mareb !! i never heard of that , well good for them

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