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30/7/2009 Demonstrations in South Arabia

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 31, 2009

30-07-2009 demonstration in Radfan

30-07-2009 demonstration in Radfan

Demonstrations break out in South Arabia on 30/7/2009, as they happen on a daily bases for the past week.  In Saber the demonstration came as support the Sheik Tarek Al Fadli and condemnation of the Zenjibar massacre. The occupation central forces fired bullets and tear gas on protesters, and used sticks to disperse them.


In Habilain, the protester were in thousands who went out in funeral of victims. Some speakers like Al Khabji who urged all South Arabian’s to unite for their ultimate goal, which is liberation. The father of the legendary victim of the liberation movement, Wadah Al Badwi, gave a speech in that demonstration and urged for more efforts to obtain our liberation.


In addition, the female activist Zuhra Saleh gave a speech as well and condemned the killing of protesters, and she ended up her great speech with a statement addressed to the head of Yemeni occupation “ You will be judged in the criminal international court whether you are sick, alive or dead”


 By: Free Aden.


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