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Update of Zinjibar Massacre: 20 killed – 40 injured

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 25, 2009


Updated figures of the victims of the Zinjibar Massacre on 23/7/2009 are: 20 killed and more than 40 injured, the updated names will be given as soon as we get them. Some of the injured are badly injured. In addition, some hundreds were arrested in containers with NO ventilation system.  As a retaliation, some crowd of Abyan tribesmen attacked on Friday night some occupation buildings and officials with RBG and automatic guns.


Many check points by South Arabian tribesmen were established to stop the occupation forces to move in some part of the governorate as many men of Al Fadel tribe have gathered with other tribesmen from Abyan andYafia’ who also were hiding, yesterday, to Zinjibar to free the house of Mr. Al Fadli there. This gathering of tribesmen will escalate the situation in Abyan and all over South Arabia.

By: Free Aden


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