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Name’s of Victims of Zenjibar’s Massacre 23/7/2009

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 24, 2009

South Arabian shoot in street

More then 16 were killed and more than 30 are injured when the Yemeni occupation forces opened firm on a gathering in front Al Fadli’s residence. The occupation’s regime says that the protesters opened fire BUT youtube clips are a great evidence of what has happened which proves the occupation fabrication.


Here are the names of the 16 victims who were killed, the other victims will be given once we have them, by the occupation forces:

1-     Ali Maqna’a Al wadeea’

2-     Abd Al Kareem Aydaroos Ahmed (Al Fadli house keeper) Proves that the attack was on Al Fadli house.

3-     Ali Salem Al Qaz

4-     Awad Ahmed Aldabiyah

5-     Ali Al Rbaidi

6-     Qasim Al Sayed Al Marmi

7-     Mohsen Al Hadd’i

8-     Mahdi Omer Al Qa’ati ( from Hadramoot)

9-     Saleh Taleb Mohsen Al Ameri (from Yafi’a)

10-  Abdallah Al Horsha Al Shoa’wi

11- Safwan Saif Abd Al Kareem.

12- Mohammed Saleh Abdallah Al Nobi

13- Saeed Moqafa’a Al Wadee’a

14- Ramzi Al Atar

15- Abdallah Al Ameeri

16- Khader Naser Saeed Al Saeedi.



By: Free Aden.


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