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Happening now: Demonstration in Dali’a for Yesterday’s Massacre

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 24, 2009


Thousands of protesters in Dali’a are showing their compassion to the families of Abyan Massacre of yesterday. The occupation forces have intensively surrounded the entries of Dali’a and prevented anyone to get into the city.


More news about this demonstration in Dali’a and an update of yesterday’s massacre  will be issued soon.


By: Free Aden.


2 Responses to “Happening now: Demonstration in Dali’a for Yesterday’s Massacre”

  1. Thabet said

    Good blog Free Aden, keep it forward.

  2. ibn nahd said

    I want to bring to the president’s attention the fact that every innocent civilian who gets killed by the Northern Occupation forces is equal to adding firewood to an already burning fire that would eventually not spare you,and to the people of the South I say please honour the blood of the martyrs of the South,those people who have had the blessing of sacrifising their lives for the sake of our beloved South.

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