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Yemeni Occupation Forces Surround a Demonstration and Fire on People

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 23, 2009

1_926100_1_34Zanzibar, South Arabia  – Different Souces.

Noontime – 23/7/2009.


Occupation forces fired on people on a demonstration in Zanzibar city in Abyan governorate in South Arabia, after it locked up the city since last night and prevented anyone to get into the city. In addition, all telephone networks have been shut down to prevent South Arabians to communicate in that governorate and Dali’a as well.


Yemeni occupation forces, after locking up the city, have disturbed a peaceful demonstration with firing on 10’s of thousands demonstrators which lead to some armed relatives of the demonstrators to fire back on the occupation forces. It has been said by some medical sources in South Arabia that number of killed are at least 5 and another 5 injured so far. The identity of killed and injured is not available to us yet.


Clashes started around noon time, local time, and some repetitive clashes are still going on in the city itself and some parts of the governorate of Abyan.


By: Free Aden.


One Response to “Yemeni Occupation Forces Surround a Demonstration and Fire on People”

  1. […] First reports indicate five killed, five injured when security opened fire on a demonstration. The protesters fired back this time. Telephone service cut off, and the city locked down. al Dhalie as well. Clashes began at noon and sporatic gunfire continues. HT: Free Aden […]

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