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Towards The Liberation of South Arabia

Press Release by Hadramoot’s Falcons Group for Liberation

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 23, 2009

Press Release:

 By:  Hadramoot’s Falcons Group to Liberate South Arabia.

Our great people of South Arabia ..We and all South Arabians followed the “invitation” of Sana’a regime for “Settlement”. The group confirms, as well as all South Arabians inside and outside South Arabia do, that this invitation is invalid one and not related to South Arabians at all. That is for the following reasons:


South Arabia is an independent state called “Republic of Democratic Yemen” which had a deal of “unity” with the Arab Republic of Yemen governed by treaties which the regime of Sana’a did not fulfill; and carried out a war on South Arabia which ended up with the occupation of South Arabia on the 7th of July 1994.


South Arabia is not a governorate of Arab Republic of Yemen, hence the call for so called “Settlement” is not related to South Arabia at all and it’s rejected.  South Arabia is not an opposition party in Arab Republic of Yemen, and as we confirmed above that South Arabia is a state with jurisdiction which is occupied now.


Therefore, if the regime in the Arab Republic of Yemen keen for communication with the people of South Arabia, then South Arabia has a leadership in the outside lead by the legitimate president Ali Salem Al Baid. In addition, communication is only valid with the condition of liberation of South Arabia under Arabian and International supervision. That is the minimum that South Arabians would accept.


As a result, we here urge our people to continue the peaceful movement of liberating South Arabia, and participating in all events that are announced by all gatherings of the peaceful revolution.


Revolution till Victory


Issued by :

Hadramoot’s Falcons Group to Liberate South Arabia.



Translated By: Free Aden


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