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5 killed and 4 Injured in Al Jouf – Yemen

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 21, 2009

19/7/2009 – Al Jouf. A source said that 5 were killed and at least 4 were injured in – Zaher district in Al Jouf governorate in Arab Republic of Yemen. That was due to a conflict raised in Zaher between the Wahabiya Jihadiya (coming from Jouf and Hashed) and Hothi’s on a mosque in Khozia’ in Zaher district.

Most of Al Jouf governorate in Arab Republic of Yemen has been converted to Wahabiya by Yemen president’s efforts to make that governorate not in one control of a strong ideology such as Zaydiah. The regime of Sana’a has created strong ties with Wahbiya lately in Al Jouf and Ma’arb governorates. Wahabiya Jihadiya in those governorates have issued some “Fatwah” of prohibiting opposition to Saleh!! That fatwah caused some clashes between “Al Islah” Party led by Al Zandani as they are “officially” being on the opposition side and Wahabiya.

That is part of the game the regime of Sana’a is playing with creating conflicts in Yemen and occupied South Arabia.

 By: Free Aden.


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