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Occupation Forces kidnapped three South Arabians

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 20, 2009

18/7/2009 -Mukalla: Occupation security forces kidnapped three South Aabians to unknown place and they were taken from central jail in Mukalla. The three kidnapped persons are: 1- Fwaz Hasan Bao’om 2- Murad Saleh Al Maflahi 3- Khalid Ba Tilah. This is to show that Mukalla is under Emergency Law!! These three kidnapped are added to dozen’s who were taken from central jail in Mukalla.  


In addition, the occupation forces arrested Abdualla Hadi Sbait for the allegation that he support what so called “Separators” with food and medication in the jail. Moreover, some activists of the Peaceful Liberation Movement of South Arabia were not included in the occupation court in Mukalla in order to take them to the capital of the Arab Republic of Yemen. That is to jail them in political security prison with special care in order to get more news from them.


By: Free Aden.

Source: Aden Press


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