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A Dispute Has Risen within the Yemeni Occupation’s Ruling Family

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 18, 2009

YEMENI PresTensions have been increasing lately within the ruling family of the regime in Sana’a. The president of occupation is trying to diminish the power of his brother “Ali Mohsen” who has been helping the regime in the Saadah war. That is through using his cousin “Yahyah Mohammed Saleh”. The Central Security which belongs to Yahyah Mohammed Saleh got orders by the Yemeni president to control some areas that Ali Mohsen has.

This action came after claims that Ali Mohsen supported some anti Yemeni government with weapons outside Mohsen’s jurisdiction. Some explain this act of Mohsen to equalize his weakening forcing to the ones of the Yemeni President.

By: Free Aden.


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