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The Journalist Anis Monssor Hameeda jailed

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 16, 2009

An occupation court in Lahj governorate of South Arabia sentenced Anis Monssor Hameeda, a journalist, to fourteen months in jail on charge of running “anti-unity” stories which threaten the occupation stability and security in South Arabia. Sources said that Hameeda also was convicted for participating in unauthorized demonstrations, rioting and causing trouble in Lahj.
For his part, Hameeda said that verdict is politically motivated one hundred percent. Hameeda worked as a correspondent of Al-Ayam in Lahj and other South Arabian news websites.
Yemeni Journalist Syndicate warned to issue such verdict that will restrict freedom of speech in the press in the society of Yemen.
Eight independent newspapers were prohibited by orders of the Yemeni Ministry of Information.
The occupation’s special press court was established at the beginning of May to deal exclusively with press-related offenses following the media coverage of the Liberation Movement in south Arabia.
However, Occupation forces dispersed on Sunday a rally of 200 people in Aden protesting the suspension of Al-Ayam newspaper which the occupation accuses of seeking to “divide” the Arabian peninsula country.About 15 people of the newspaper employees were arrested in the rally.


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