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After the independent press, is it time for restricting satellite channels?

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 15, 2009

Cairo in July 13, 2009. The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) said today that instead of retreating from the crackdown campaign against independent and critical press, the Yemeni government began to escalate this campaign to reach the satellite channels. Aljazeera became the first targeted channel after the ruling party parliamentarian “Mossaad Allahbi” called on the closure of the office of Al-Jazeera for allegedly broadcasting news “hostile to the unity and security of Yemen” The demand to close the office of AlJazeera, comes as part of the series of hostile actions against the freedom of the press and journalists in Yemen, which affected at least eight newspapers so far. This clearly shows the Yemeni government’s hostility against freedom of expression, and its adopting a policy of blocking the views and news, rather than transparency and open debate on the issues that concern the citizens of Yemen. The Arabic Network said; “the governmental official and parliamentarians must stop the policy of trusteeship and mouth gagging in Yemen, as the Yemeni issues concern all media, independent and opposition newspapers and the satellite channels. They must pass on news and information to the citizens, who definitely pay no less attention and care to the interests and security of Yemen than members of the ruling party.” ANHRI thinks that the attack on Al-Jazeera in Yemen following the restrictions it suffered in other Arab countries, require efforts from all individuals and institutions who interested in freedom of the Arab media, to support this important channel, which greatly contributed in changing the perception of the role of media in the Arab world. The channel is committed to meet the needs of the Arab citizen to know the news and views in all the different issues, rather than lip service of the Governments and rulers who rarely respect democracy and peoples’ rights.


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