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Yemeni MP calls for al-Jazeera office closure.

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 12, 2009

imagesMember of the Parliament for the ruling General People Congress party Ali Musa’ad al-Lahbi has demanded the Yemenis authorities to close al-Jazeera’s Sana’a office for allegedly reporting anti-unity reports and threatening Yemen’s security and stability.

MP al-Lahbi, from Ibb province, claimed in his talk to the Minister of Information Hassan al-Lawzi at the Parliament’s session on Sunday that al-Jazeera’s office does not commit to the profession principles and violates laws.

Al-Jazeera TV is entirely criticized by the Yemeni society as it reports what the enemies of Yemen want it to report, said al-Lahbi.

Al-Lahbi also asked al-Lawzi about measures the Ministry of Information had taken against some newspapers which he claimed continue to harm Yemen’s unity, security and stability.

Last April, the al-Jazeera TV office in Sana’a, Murad Hashim, as well as al-Jazeera reporter Ahmad al-Shalafi received SMS threat waning them to stop covering events in southern Yemen.

In October 2007, Yemeni security authorities threatened to close the Sana’a-based office of al-Jazeera if the channel covered protests in Radfan in Lahj, south Yemen.

The Yemeni Journalists Syndicate has constantly condemned authoritarian threats against al-Jaeera office in Sana’a and local independent newspapers over covering anti-government events.

By a Yemeni Newspaper


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