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The Occupation Kills Three Yemeni’s in South Arabia.

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 11, 2009

By Free Aden’s Author – 11/7/2009

Three members of the same family were shot dead in an ambush in South Arabia by the intelligence forces of the Yemeni occupation. Those victims were from Yemen and that attack was to create a feeling of anger towards the South Arabians and their peaceful liberation movement.  

This brutal act was condemned by all South Arabians as it’s a barbaric act and as it has a clear intention to harm the South Arabian Peaceful Liberation Movement . The online edition of the regime’s defence ministry newspaper “26 September” reported on Saturday that the crime was carried out by “separatists”; that shows their clear intention to create a dispute between South Arabians and people from the middle governorate in the Arab Republic of Yemen.


Lately, the regime has been heavily recruiting poor people from the middle governorates, i.e. Ibb, Al Baidah and Taiz, to fight in both Saadah and in South Arabia. However, those attempts of recruiting were not successful and the regime is carrying different methods to wage war against South Arabians and surely uses its best method of creating conflicts to rule.


We in south Arabia call this act as an act of shame and an act of losers. We will always protest peacefully and we shall use force on armed forces and who ever uses force against us.


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