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Shame on the International Media for not Covering 7/7

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 9, 2009

sadaaden77aden2Written By: Free Aden’s Author – 9/7/2009.

It was so horrible thing to see people being killed in South Arabia with NO reason of being killed except that they were protesting for their own rights! And it was even worse to see NO international media to cover anything about it!! Al Jazeera did its best in Arabic which was not even enough to the load of events that happened on 7th of July and 8th of July. In aditions to its Arabic releases there was only one page in the English section only of the 7/7. Reuters, put a half page on the 7/7 events with mentioning of 1 killed only!!!!

That is really ridiculous!!! Is that the professional international media! Their best practice methodology of covering news! Horrible best practice and awful methodology of covering news! They failed the test again or they maybe are successful to the other part as not covering it! That is the point! They represent an international trend BUT we will make in South Arabia the international Trend.

On 7/7 Aden was and still an army camp. Its like west and east Berlin in summer 1945. not even one shoot from a camera of an international journalist to show it to the international audience! Don’t we belong to this world!!

Armed forces are every where and check points are every where and they even do check children! Helicopters are hovering the sky of Aden and Anti-aircraft flooded the city too. Then Mosques are locked! Shops were closed! Internet points are sealed! Is that a city in a state of unity or occupied city!??? The answer is clear.

That was the great city of Aden on the 7th of July 2009 and with all of those barriers we stood against it and managed to go out. 2 were killed and many were injured and tens of thousands were put in a football stadium and many of them were beaten inside there!!

In Mukalla the pictures was almost the same, and the braves there managed to go out and 2 were killed as well!! it was a favorite number of the criminal regime of the Yemeni occupation at that day. In Dali’a, Abyan and Shabwa protesters were able to go for protesting with out any injuries because they are armed and with big numbers so the occupation did not want to face them on the 7th of July because all of South Arabia would go into fire as they are armed. That shows us this regime only shoots those who are peaceful and who are not with weapons! And they kill us like cattle because we use the wrong language with them! Hang on a second Shawish Ali Saleh, its only the start and our brothers in Dali’a already are protesting with weapons that you can not touch them, and our time will come soon.


One Response to “Shame on the International Media for not Covering 7/7”

  1. ali ahmed aoulaqi shabwani said

    The role of shabwa is coming to join the overall movements. South Arabia will be one hand. inspite of the money that the regime scattering in the south in order to creat face to face clashes.

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