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Demonstrations All over South Arabia for the 7/7

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 7, 2009

6962_Written By: Free Aden

Demonstrations broke out in all over South Arabia with many artillery of the Northern forces were used to block some of demonstrations as the case in Mukalla.


In Aden, one is killed and six are injured in till the noon local time. In addition, many were arrested and thousands were taken to the 22 May Stadium, some of those inside the stadium are being beaten. Mosques, shops and internet cafes are closed in Aden today.


In Dali’a, Abyan and Shabwa are being closed with heavy artillery of the Northern forces. Even that was the case there, South Arabia Liberation demonstrations were out and some gun fires were fired and some tear gazes too. Unity planned demonstrations in Aban and Dali’a governorates did not work out due to lack of interests.


2 Responses to “Demonstrations All over South Arabia for the 7/7”

  1. ali ahmed aoulaqi said

    to my surprise why this web site is not blocked !!!

  2. ibn nahd said

    another form of resistance is by boycotting anything northern,we should start by boycotting their (northerners’)shops-stop giving them businness,stop employing them and stop buying any of their products,they should just pack and go away from the south,they simply DO NOT BELONG TO THE SOUTH.

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