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Suicide Tool Raises in Yemen.

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 5, 2009

suicideWritten by: Free Aden – 5th of July

Normally Yemenis make fun and get surprised of the Japanese or other Buda that commit suicide and Yemenies say that they have no faith that is why they commit suicide. The suicide cases in Yemen tell another story.


There are more than 2610 suicide cases in Yemen (Arab Republic of Yemen)  since 1995 and most of it in the villages. These are the official numbers and it excludes many cases! Yemenies don’t declare  most of the cases due to many reasons such as shame, government procedures, and to avoid being accused by the police of killing. This number makes Yemen the highest Arab country in suicides, although the real number is higher than the official one due to the above mentioned reasons.


Now Yemenies should leave their pride of being a community that don’t committee suicide, as a community that does not have HIV, and face the issue that has been caused by the poverty and inequality of income and many other reasons.

Statistics: Yemen Ministry of Interior.


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