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A French conspiracy behind the Yemenia Crash

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 5, 2009

capt_photo_1246462817305-5-0Written by: Free Aden – 5th of July

Many roamers came after the crash of the Yemenia IY 626 to Comoros in the local news of  the Arab Republic of Yemen. The latest one was announced 2 days ago that a Comoros official declared that a French navy targeted the Yemenia IY 626 with Sea-Air missile!


No other reliable news agency has declared such news and no official press release by the Comoros official was declared to the international news agencies! This roamer comes into the category of the regime best game “lying”. This game has two results both of them gets Yemenia, which belongs to the regime of Arab Rebublic of Yemen with 51% shares, the winning person.


If, with big I F, French Navy did the launch of the rocket on the IY 626 then France will be paying the victims and Yemenia itself which will result in more than 100 million USD. On the other hand, the regime plays this game to black mail the French government to pay the Yemeni government a “ransom” which will be far more than 300 million USD so the regime denies the theory of a French rocket and accept that it was a Yemenia fault which will be paid by the “ransom” and safe the France reputation. Here comes the big winner, the Yemeni regime!!


This game is only can be played within the boarders of the Arab Republic of Yemen, and it can not be applied to the international community that relies on solid information with high technology. The Black Boxes are detected today so there are no more time for the Yemeni regime to build up new scenario and more news will be coming up in the few coming days.


One Response to “A French conspiracy behind the Yemenia Crash”

  1. Jane Novak said

    I think you have it right!

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