Free Aden

Towards The Liberation of South Arabia

Report on the assassination of Ali Ahmed Al-A’jam President of the National Council of Aqqan

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 4, 2009

Friday Morning 03/07/09
The Occupation forces proceeded from Al-Anad, this morning to break into the house of Ali Ahmed, the president of The National Council for the liberation, independence and restoration of the South, in Aqqan – Al-Musaymar in the Lahj Governorate. They used lived ammo on him and showered his body with bullets, until he fell to his death, right in front of the eyes of his children and family members.
In response to this act, the citizens of Musaymar blocked the main road that connects Aden to Tai’z to express their anger, denunciation and condemnation of this barbaric criminal act, and demanding that those terrorists be prosecuted.
And in the mean time the armed forces of the occupation distributed heavy weapons along the Aden-Tai’z line, as well as on the hills overlooking Aqqan.

Translated: Rasha Rashed
Source: Sout al ganoub


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