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Arrests of University Students in Aden

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 4, 2009

03/07/09 – Eyewitnesses said that they saw a group of armed forces on Friday evening raiding one of the apartments in Al-Mansoora – Aden that is inhabited by a university student. University students from Aden and from other southern governorates inhabit that area.
They arrested a number of men in that flat, who were mainly students, and who gathered together to study in preparation for their second semester exams.
Eyewitnesses said the armed forces, made up mainly of military personnel, surrounded the apartment and broke into it, and apprehended the young men after beating them and mistreating them.
Aden Press has a list of the names of the men, and it included several members of the Southern Youth Union, that included:
Arif Al-Nasry, Ghassan Aleeb, Mo’taz Al-Esa’i, Nayeb Fadhl Al-Esa’i, Ali Fadhl Al-Esa’i, Akram Al-Hanashi, Nabeel Al-Hanashi, Salem Al-Hanashi and Husam Ba’abbad.

Source: Aden Press
Translated by: Rasha Rashed


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