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Yemen Post, Threatened by Govt for Reporting News, Doesn’t Buckle

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 2, 2009

Source: The Jawa Report. By Jane at July 1, 2009 02:08 PM

The Yemeni government has shut down seven independent Arabic language newspapers and established a new press court for trials of journalists. It is in essence bankrupting the free media in Yemen. Now the government is taking aim at the English language Yemen Post, warning the paper not to cooperate with international media- or else. This is the editor’s reply.

Over the last two weeks, the Yemen Post received numerous threats from different sides due to its coverage of the foreigners that were kidnapped and killed. The Yemen Post was the main independent source for 90% of the international media. Its comments were even given priority over the government and what it announced.Last week, meetings took place between the Yemen Post and leading figures of the government. In the meetings, The Yemen Post was firmly asked not to work with international media outlets and to limit itself to local media. Direct threats were given. The option on the table was to agree to cooperate with the government whether it was right or wrong in what they announce. In the end, the Yemen Post refused.

It is sad that these people don’t understand that the job of media is not covering what it is asked of it to cover, but to cover the truth.

Yemen has not yet understood the difference between independent and governmental media, and the Yemen Post has vowed to show everyone the difference.

What I clearly want to say is that the Yemen Post is doing what it was established to do, and that is lead Yemeni media, raise its standards, and through its sources throughout the country, be able to serve not only Yemen, but the international community with concrete information about what is really happening.

Even with the threats we are given, the Post will not soften its stance and will work to be the most trusted local and international news source in Yemen.


Statement from the Yemen Post


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