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The Union of the Women of The Occupied South: 2nd statement

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 2, 2009

Our fighting sons and revolutionist brothers,

We as southern women believe in the right to restore our land, the land of law and order, The Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen.

We came to protest in front of the Ayyam newspaper, the paper that provided the truth, and acted as a torch of light and liberty in the darkness that the occupation made us live in. We reject the repression of freedom that was given to us a right in all the constitutions and international covenants.
We call for those that are responsible for maintaining people’s freedom, be it regional or international, to stand by the Ayyam newspaper. We also call from our place, a place for defending freedom, we call from the top of our voices to every southern woman whether she is in our occupied land or abroad, to join us in our legitimate protest and our peaceful revolution for the right to restore our land, and with it restore our dignities and our right to live. And our rights will never be lost as long as we believe in them.
So come on my southern sister, confront the tyranny and injustice with a loud voice, my southern brother, let us hold our ranks and strike the thrones of the dictators.

My brothers and sisters ask for death and you will find life.

And we are in solidarity with the Ayyam newspaper until its right for publication is restored.

Issued by the Southern Women’s Union

Translated: Rasha Rashed


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