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Statement of Southern Yemeni Women’s Union

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 1, 2009

My Southern sisters:
We ask for each Southern woman to join our Union, which aims to restore the South. We’d like to inform you that the Union held a meeting on Tuesday in the city of Khormaksar at 4 p.m., and resulted in the following resolutions:
1) To continue with the peaceful struggle until the liberation and restoration of South is achieved.
2) The participation of southern women in all peaceful activities carried out by the leaders of the south revolution.
3) To monitor the violations carried out by the system on the sons of the South
4) To visit the injured, and the families of detainees and martyrs of the south
5) To provide financial and moral support to the university students who were harassed by the system in Sana’a
6) Forming committees in all the southern states
7) To work with the newspapers, and sites which have been blocked by the system, such as Alayyam and Al Ghara’a newspapers, and Shabwa press and Mukalla press (websites).
We condemn such practices that are designed to blind the media as the crimes that are committed against the defenceless people of the south

We also strongly condemn the kidnappings and murders of tourists and foreigners, and we consider theses actions as an ac of terrorism, and we demand that these criminals be brought to justice.
We believe that the Sana’a regime is responsible for the murder, injury and abduction of the children.

The Southern activist Zahra Saleh Abdullah, the president of the Union, Dhia Al-Hashemy and Jihad Al-Radfani, and a huge selection of southern women attended the meeting.

Issued by the Southern Women’s Union

Translated into English by: Rasha Rashed


One Response to “Statement of Southern Yemeni Women’s Union”

  1. Rasha said

    Hey Free Aden, I translated this text and u took my name out of it

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