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Ali Saleh withdraws 2.5 billion dollars ; 23 members of the ruling family flee Yemen

Posted by FREE ADEN on July 1, 2009

Aden Press: A source that works for the Central Bank of Yemen in Sana’a has confirmed that Ali Saleh has withdrawn all of his foreign currency deposits, which amount to 2.5 billion dollars.

It has also been confirmed by a number of sources that 23 members from the ruling family have fled abroad.

On another note, A group of Southerners have noticed ‘X’ shaped markings on their homes, when they enquired about these markings, they were told that they were there for the purpose of the vaccination/ innoculation system. However, they came on to discover that those markings were only done on Southerner’s houses, and they were there to distinguish between the Southern residents and the Northern Yemenis.

Translated by: Rasha Rashed
Source: Aden Press


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