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Saleh Habrah: South Arabian movement is a righteous

Posted by FREE ADEN on June 26, 2009

saleh_habrahFree Aden-South Arabia  26/6/2009.

Saleh Habrah, the spoke person of Al Hothism movement, has declared to the “Middle East” newspaper that the regime in Sana’a have used poor South Arabians and those who had empathy for Unity of Yemen in the war against Hothism movement in Saadah. He adds that is a plan to weaken all the opponents of the regime in one war but now most of south Arabians are not fighting with the army anymore and we, Hothism, are getting some lands from the regime.


He also add that the south Arabian movement is a righteous movement and he support them for getting their fair movement but he tried to avoid the mentioning of  the liberation of south.


He added that the regime uses some unreal claims that the Hothism represent a dangerous threat to Saudi Arabia and they are another example of Hazbulah. He added that the regime uses such claims to get regional support. He included that Hothism are preparing for 6th war as the regime keeps on firing on their villagers to weaken their weak agriculture economy.


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