Free Aden

Towards The Liberation of South Arabia

News of 25/6/2009 from South Arabia.

Posted by FREE ADEN on June 25, 2009



1- A Swiss human right organization has shown interest in sending its envoys to South Arabia.

2- Al Fadli, the regime operations wont scare us and the 7th of July is our day with the regime.

3- a demonstration in Sabeha and Karash to show empathy for Al Ayyam and Al Jazeera correspondents

 4- a call to South Arabians for demonstration on the 29th of June in front  of the Security Council as a reminder of its resolutions about South Arabia.

 5- The Regime forces besiege the house of Naser Al Fadli.

 6-The regime rejects to give any information regarding Al Salqadi and Dr. Aqil sent to prosecution.

 7-Prime and foreign Minster of Qatar describes the Yemeni regime as dishonored system.

 8-Al Akhbar newspaper, a Yemeni argument on the Unity Committees purpose.

 9- 45 youngster from Dali’a were tortured in jails.

10- More than 60 were killed in Sadah and the Yemeni regime rejects the help of the Red Cross.


Translated by: Free Aden.


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