Free Aden

Towards The Liberation of South Arabia

Changes coming to South Arabia and Yemen.

Posted by FREE ADEN on June 25, 2009

 Ali Abdullah Saleh, who has ruled for 30 years, has been making sweeping changes in the military, weakening powerful commanders while preparing his son Ahmed, a prominent general, to succeed him.

Saleh’s main target has been Gen. Ali Muhsin al-Ahmar, a relative and the country’s strongest army commander. Ahmar, who is head of the northwestern military region and commands the elite 1st Armored Division, is widely seen as the most likely successor if Saleh were to die an untimely death.

That could unleash all kinds of trouble. Yemen’s troubles are mounting. The regime has been plagued for five years by tribal rebellion, and in the south the separatist-minded socialists are building up to a new secession bid that could ignite a civil war, as it did in 1994. And there’s always the threat from a resurgent al-Qaida.


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