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1 dead and 4 injured today in Dali’a

Posted by FREE ADEN on June 24, 2009

Aden Pess: 1 dead and 4  injured today in what is thought to be one of the biggest demonstrations in Dali’a. The Northern Yemeni forces opened fire on demonstrators while they were chanting for the seccession of the South and against the opressive regime.
And some sources confirmed that the people are still demonstrating as a means of challenging the Northern security forces. It has also been mentioned that alot of delegates from North have been flooding to the city in order to preserve the Unity (They are from the The commitee for defending the Unity), surrounded by protection from the regime’s security forces.
This demonstration has witnessed for the first time in history, the participation of both CHILDREN and WOMEN!

Translated: Rasha Rashed
Sourece: Aden Press


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